Free US Shipping On All Orders $50+

Free US Shipping On All Orders $50+

2020 has been a year of growth, patience, perspective, and uncertainty.

We’re excited to embark on a New Year in 2021 with you centered on positioning your health and wellness holistically, and practicing proactive and healthy intention setting.

We will focus on four main areas of wellbeing, but will spend the month of January exploring what holistic health looks like in its totality. 

ORGANIC INDIA USA invites you to join us and decide, 
“What’s Your Focus?” starting January 4, 2021. 

What’s Your Focus?

Sign-up to be part of our “What’s Your Focus?” campaign and join ORGANIC INDIA USA for the following:

  • Weekly motivator emails with journaling topics, intention setting guides, and educational content
  • Virtual weekly check-ins with our community
  • Live-streamed wellness activities
  • Special discounts available only to participants

To get started,
simply choose your focus & sign-up:

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ORGANIC INDIA Farmer Partners are at the heart of the company’s mission of introducing organic, bio-regenerative agriculture and social and economic recovery to rural India. Meet the people at the starting point of our altruistic, benevolent supply chain.

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