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7 Underrated Ginger Benefits for Women

Ginger, that warming plant we all know and love, has been used for more than 5,000 years to support everything from digestion, to cognitive functions, and reproductive wellness.

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— Cynthia W.


Studies have shown that ginger can greatly relieve period-related discomfort, and significantly reduce the severity of symptoms. It is considered a safe alternative to over the counter drugs, and works similarly in blocking the production of uterine prostaglandins; helping maintain a healthy inflammatory response and minimize cramping and bloating. [1] Two different clinical studies have found ginger to be just as effective with fewer side effects than NSAIDS.[23]

Soothes mind and body.

Tulsi is an adaptogen known to relieve mental and emotional stress, while Turmeric supports a healthy inflammatory response for whole body comfort. Ginger brings a spiced finish that helps relax the digestive system and warm the body. This organic infusion is delicious hot or iced.

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Ginger has also been researched for its benefits on female reproductive wellness. It is documented for its ability to have positive effects on folliculogenesis, or the maturation of the ovarian follicle, both long and short term with low dosage. [4] It is also found to have cardioprotective properties that aid cardiovascular function, mediating healthy blood flow through the body – and therefore healthy circulation to the reproductive organs, as well.

Support for hormonal balance, normal cycles and sexual wellness.

Shatavari is the single most important herb for women’s health in the entire Ayurvedic apothecary. This potent root works efficiently to support hormonal balance, normal cycles and sexual wellness. A female reproductive rejuvenator, Shatavari is also known to enhance libido and support already healthy fertility*

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One of the best known benefits of ginger is its soothing effect on the digestive system. The gingerol polyphenolic compounds help relax the entire gastrointestinal tract for higher function and greater relief. [5] As a result it may help minimize temporary stomach upset and nausea, while relieving gas and supporting healthy elimination. [6]

Though sipping ginger ale (which typically contains very little ginger, if any) is more placebo effect than anything else, there are many powerful digestive supplements and teas featuring whole organic ginger root to fully reap the benefits from. Check out herbalist-curated Digestive Support Daily Pack for comprehensive digestive wellness on-the-go; fiery, tri-spice Trikatu supplement for metabolic support; or Tulsi Lemon Ginger tea to soothe, detox and refresh the GI tract.


As it turns out, ginger has mental benefits in addition to its abundance of physical benefits. In fact, research shows that this mighty root can actually help support cognitive function in middle-aged healthy women. [7] Studies demonstrate that it is a brain tonic that aids focus, processing functions, encoding information, and sensory, short term and long term memory. Underlying mechanisms behind its cognitive benefits are still being studied.


As a happy outcome of Ginger’s effect on a healthy inflammatory response, the root also has excellent benefits as it relates to female workout support and recovery. One study monitored three groups of healthy women, one who took ginger an hour before exercise, one immediately after, and one group not at all. The group who took ginger an hour before exercise saw a dramatic reduction in workout-related pain and muscle soreness as compared to the other two groups. [8]

An hour before your workout, enjoy some hot or iced Tulsi Lemon Ginger tea, made with whole organic ginger for its full spectrum support. You can pair your infusion with a Turmeric Formula capsule to protect your muscles during your workout.


Brimming with antioxidants plus trace amounts of vitamins and minerals, a cup of ginger tea can do just the trick when you’re feeling under the weather. It can soothe and bring a warming effect to the whole body, while supporting normal immune function and healthy inflammatory response so you can feel your best. [9] Always be sure to check with your doctor before consuming Ginger if you have any underlying health conditions or take medications.

While supplements are also efficacious to support immunity, there is something so comforting about the instant gratification of sipping warm ginger tea. Sit back, relax and sip Tulsi Turmeric GingerTulsi Lemon Ginger (with an extra squeeze of fresh lemon) or even Tulsi Masala Chai (contains ginger) – and allow your amazing immune system to do the rest.


When it comes to ginger benefits for women, no list is complete without this one. Ginger contains around 40 antioxidant compounds that help support a healthy inflammatory response throughout the entire body. [10] This action greatly lends itself to many of the root’s aforementioned benefits, namely digestive support, menstrual relief, immune wellness, cardiovascular wellness, minor pain management and muscle relief after exertion. The bioactive gingerols, shoagals and paradols are the main constituents related to balanced inflammatory response.

Bask in Ginger’s inflammatory balance benefits by enjoying it alongside Turmeric for maximum relief and efficacy in this Ayurvedic Turmeric Rooibos Tea.

Next time you’re looking for an herbal ally to support you through all your cycles and seasons, reach for Ginger. From ancient India, China and Rome to Medieval Europe to the modern day, women have used this incredible rhizome to nurture so many of their wellness needs.

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