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Safed Musli: Male Strength and Vigor

Safed Musli has been used by healers for centuries in indiginous Indian communities. Also known as Chlorophytum borivilianum, Safed Musli is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for male strength, vigor, and performance. It is also called “white gold,” and is considered a “rasayana,” meaning that it is viewed as having rejuvenating characteristics. Safed Musli is an important ingredient in Chyawanprash, a beloved Ayurvedic herbal tonic.

Safed Musli Botanical

Safed Musli Body and Mind Benefits

With over 25 identified beneficial plant alkaloids and other phytochemicals, researchers believe that Safed Musli may play an important supporting role in male reproductive health. The plant also has adaptogenic properties, which support the body’s healthy response to environmental, physical, and emotional stress.


Safed Musli for Healthy Conscious Living

ORGANIC INDIA’s Safed Musli is grown according to ancient Ayurvedic regenerative agriculture methods to ensure the highest possible efficacy, or “prana.” All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are processed and tested in compliance with FDA and World Health Organization safety protocols. 

At ORGANIC INDIA, we recognize the vast interconnectedness of life. From seed, to soil, to field, to factory, our products empower the farmers of India, promote environmental and economic recovery, and provide wellness solutions derived from nature’s intelligence.


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