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Our Personal Practice

Satya Dubay
Sunday, November 16, 2014

A day can be filled with anything imaginable. It is twenty four hours of free and open time, which can include activities that we enjoy doing or ones that leave us depleted and drained.

Even if our day is filled with some things that we don’t look forward to, at least a few minutes of our day can be devoted to something that we do enjoy – something that makes our heart sing, our mind quiet down and our body feel stronger and healthier.

I most often find myself doing breathing practices, which help me to get centered within, relaxed and recharged. Sometimes this occurs first thing in the morning, as I enjoy lying in bed for a while before rising; and sometimes this happens at night, when I feel too wound up to fall asleep right away. Sometimes, I find time in the middle of my day when it is just right to stop what I am doing and to give myself a moment for personal practice.

We all need time for ourselves - to nurture and replenish who we are. A simple practice during the day, even 5 minutes of quiet, focused breathing, can give us this important self-nurturance.

What is your daily practice?