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The ORGANIC INDIA Foundation

Thursday, August 24, 2017


At the heart of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action. That’s why we are dedicated to a holistic business modality that serves people and the planet.

Our organic Tulsi teas and herbal supplements are ethically grown and wildcrafted by small family farmers in India, using regenerative agriculture practices. Through our commitment to regeneration, we provide meaningful livelihoods, restore vibrant health to the environment, and deliver whole herb solutions for healthy, conscious living.

Our commitment to agricultural regeneration is interwoven with our commitment to regenerate communities through social programming, access to clean water, health care, and job skill trainings that empower and support some of India’s most at-risk populations: women, widows, the elderly, and the illiterate.

Our passion for regeneration extends further into communities through the ORGANIC INDIA Foundation, a mission centered organization that strives to empower communities at large. In many instances, the ORGANIC INDIA Foundation works with impoverished and disaster destroyed villages.

The ORGANIC INDIA Foundation

The ORGANIC INDIA Foundation is a charitable organization that strives to empower the community it serves through access to health care, training and ongoing support. Health initiatives are a huge priority in the foundation, and the most recent activities include the first mobile health camps in the Hamipur District of Rath!

Mobile health camps will be held every two weeks in the Hamipur District of Rath for the coming year. The camps will be held on rotation, with at least two doctors per camp. Most recently, we were honored to have the presence of our OIF doctor Mahendra Agarwal, and Gynaecologist Dr. Santosh Singh, who's mission is to empower women in Rath with awareness of menstrual hygiene practices.

The aim of the mobile camps is to provide additional support to farming communities. There are certain medical concerns that are not covered by the provided health insurance (as it only covers certain hospitable concerns).

This is a first step towards a large idea. We hope to get momentum going with the mobile camps to expand into further necessary categories: a hub for education, a space for outreach to farming communities, and insight on issues of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.

The doctors present will be offering both ORGANIC INDIA herbs and supplements as well as Allopathic medication to those in need. All of these services are provided for free.

Follow the ORGANIC INDIA Foundation Facebook page for more information and updates!

By choosing ORGANIC INDIA, you are investing in your health, small family farmers, environmental regeneration, and a heart-centered company set to prove that business and values can peacefully coexist.