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The Science of Success

Dr. James Rouse
Thursday, August 13, 2015

Joy, peace, abundance, flow, love, vitality, prosperity, freedom, creativity and happiness are just a few of the words that we can use to describe success. And there are even more paths and ways in which we can create, achieve and sustain success.

If you are at all like me, you may believe that success of all types is built by doing certain habits that over time will bring you ever greater experiences of success. If you are also like me in that you are open and have room to grow more success in your life then please open your mind and heart to engaging in these science-based habits that may help you see and know your life being lived under the influence of ever expanding success.

Research confirms that as much as 90% or more of our daily living experience is habitual. That is awesome news if you have fabulous and inspiring daily habits. However, if you are open and willing to examine your “daily deal” and see that an upgrade may help to raise your life game, please know that research also confirms that by simply adopting some “new and improved” habits of the very successful, your better life is ready and waiting to serve you today.

A study of over 200 self-made multi-millionaires who also enjoyed a high level of quality relationships, superb vitality and epic work life balance reveals some readily “addable” habits waiting to be absorbed into your day.

How to begin your day: More than half of this “uber community” has the “morning person” habit of rising from bed 3 hours before their “official” work day begins. These super achievers use this 3 hour window to read, to move, meditate and grow inside and out.

In fact 88% of this inspired tribe read a minimum of 30 minutes every day-the focus topics were personal/spiritual growth and development-with no mention of Harlequin romance and People magazine…just say’n with love.

Along with their “up early ethic” our Varsity Go Givers were not seen to be watching much TV-as nearly 85% watched less than 30 minutes per day. Seems these folks achieved more by making their own media?! But “they” are into producing “other” movement - 76% have the habit of sweating a minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days per week.

What about goal setting? It appears to be “gold”, as more than 80% reported having one major driving goal that was persistently worked on and towards every single day. What goal could you make a habit of falling in love with every day?

I hold and affirm for me, you and the world around us the “mind diet habit” of “possibilitarianism” as science supports its success with 90% of our prospering people reporting to be “eternal optimists”-rise and shine beloved science of mind and success community!