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Four Supplements to End the Summer Vibrantly

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer means adventure time, and we've still got a month left! Whether you are road tripping, camping, mountain climbing, urban hiking, relaxing on the beach, or simply taking a walk; its not too late to explore the great outdoors. Make the most of the season by taking care of your beautiful vessel along the way! We've got organic herbs to support your summer ventures.

Here are 4 tips to help you live vibrantly this summer:

1. Take some Turmeric

Don’t let aches, pains, and sprains slow your stride! Turmeric has been shown to offer the body amazing joint and mobility support, helping to keep you moving. It’s easy to incorporate turmeric into your diet with Organic India's Turmeric capsules. Blended with organic whole herbs and assimilating spices to increase bio-availability, you are getting the highest quality turmeric available.

Turmeric is a great herb to have on hand while traveling as it helps with a wide variety of health benefits.

2. Have Tulsi, Will Travel

If you haven't let the magic of Tulsi Holy Basil into your life yet, take notes! Organic India's Tulsi Tea Infusions offer stress support as well as an array of flavors and health benefits. Plus, tea bags are a perfect travel companion as you can usually find hot water wherever you go!

Pro summer tip: Double the bags, brew twice as long and ice it!

3. Keep things moving!

Is there anything worse than feeling bloated and constipated when you travel? And yet it seems to happen every time! This is often due to being off schedule and living more spontaneously than the usual routine. Feeling backed up can leave you tired and irritable, and that really puts a damper on your summer fun. For this reason I recommend traveling with 1 digestive herbs:

4. Make it with Moringa

Elevate your energy with organic moringa; the ultimate superfood when it comes to gram for gram nutrition. Moringa contains all 18 amino acids, as well as essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help your body stay healthy on-the-go.

Organic India's Moringa is available in capsule form, as a bulk powder, an on the go lift, and even a Tulsi Tea Infusion! It's really too easy to include this super powder in your every day routine. Your body will thank you!