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Summer: Active Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P
Thursday, August 4, 2016

When you think of your favorite summer memories, what comes to mind? Do you reflect on that weekend you spent hiking around the lake? Perhaps you went kayaking down a beautiful river. Maybe you took an impulsive road trip, rode your bike around a national park, or simply enjoyed all of the gorgeous scenery.

Chances are the majority of your favorite summer memories revolve around being active outside. That’s why it’s so important to stay healthy during these warm and sunny months!

As we approach the full flesh of summer, we can take proactive steps to prevent fatigue, exhaustion, and overall energy imbalance. The sun is shining, and nobody wants to miss out on all the fun of active outdoor living. Here are three ways you can support an active lifestyle while seizing every moment of the glorious summer days.

  1. Stay Hydrated – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there is nothing more important that staying hydrated, especially during the summer! When we are out-and-about expelling energy, our bodies lose lots of valuable water. Dehydration can set in and cause a bunch of unwelcomed symptoms including headaches, fatigue, and irritability. Get in the habit of drinking water by carrying around a BPA-free bottle. Keep it filled with clean water as you get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. How much water should you drink? Take your body weight and divide it in half. That number you get is the total number of ounces that you should drink every day!
  2. Keep your Nutrients Balanced – Splurging on junk food is a remedy to upset your energy levels; they are likely to take a dive. Not to mention the feeling of being bloated, irritable, and foggy. When you are out-and-about this summer, try to stay clear of processed, junk food and instead give your body the valuable nutrients that it needs. One of the easiest ways to do this is by incorporating ORGANIC INDIA Moringa into your daily diet. By adding the ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Powder to your daily smoothie or protein shake, you give your body a boost of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. If you are too busy to make yourself a drink, try taking the ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Capsules or taking an ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Lift Packet with you on the go. It couldn’t be easier to give your body the energizing nutrients it need to stay happy and healthy!
  3. Be Flexible – If your summer plans include bike riding, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, running, or even yoga in the park, make sure your body is as flexible as possible! Stretching helps to prevent injuries and soreness which can slow you down and ruin your fun. Try taking ORGANIC INDIA Turmeric Formula as a way to promote easy movement and joint health. For many years, turmeric has been revered for having amazing healing properties, especially when it comes to joint mobility and support. ORGANIC INDIA Turmeric Formula is especially powerful, as it is fortified with curcuminoid extract and organic ginger so that your body can easily absorb and benefit from this powerful supplement in supporting your active lifestyle.

Get out there and have a blast! Summer doesn't last forever. Let's make some memories.