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Healthy Conscious Living In Action!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Healthy Conscious Living In Action

An Inside Look at our Employee Environment and Culture

Our Operating Principal: Healthy Conscious Living

What does it mean?

Healthy Conscious Living + Consciousness In Action = Healthy Conscious Living In Action

The mission behind our Healthy Conscious Living In Action program is to combine two of our fundamental operating pillars to foster holistic health and wellness for all of our employees. This means 'walking the talk' by authentically embodying the values our company was founded on and encouraging our team to thrive in a healthy conscious lifestyle.


On a quarterly basis we engage in a new aspect of wellness, based on themed challenges. The goal is to bring physical, emotional and mental health together - emphasizing leadership and teamwork.

Past examples include:

Another central component to our HCLA program are the side challenges: The goal is to build on and reinforce new habits regarding wellness. Side challenges incentivize continued activity, teamwork, camaraderie, support, accountability, consistency, and FUN; all in alignment with our personal wellness goals.

In the spirit of inclusion, the HCLA program is open to all employees, local or remote. We utilize photo sharing, email, and Yammer to encourage active participation in the challenges. Whether employees are here in our Boulder office or spreading the Tulsi love remotely, everyone has an open invitation to wellness.

We extend this program even more by rewarding our participating employees with additional funds towards Health care benefits. For us, healthy and happy employees = healthy and happy business.

B Corporation

Our Healthy Conscious Living In Action program is strongly coordinated with our B Corp status.
On a regular basis we engage in group activities to reduce waste, support local communities in need, and promote sustainability. Learn more about what it means to be a BCORP here.

We strive to bring Healthy Conscious Living to all, and we encourage you to promote holistic health in your workplace!
You can learn more about our company culture by visiting us on LinkedIN.

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